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Results & Methods

Learn about the analysis components and how they were used together to identify resilient places
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Mapping Tool

Explore the interactive datasets and evaluate the resilience of a location with the mapping tool
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Case Studies-coming soon

Boutique Shorts Crew J J Khaki Boutique Examine how others are using this data in their geographies
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Reports and Data

Download datasets and view documents for current and past Resilient and Connected Landscapes projects
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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The Nature Conservancy’s Resilient Sites for Terrestrial Conservation project identifies the areas estimated to be the most climate resilient for each of 62 characteristic environments in Eastern North America. This new version, released in October 2016, builds on and replaces two previously released studies for the Northeast and Southeast regions. The study developed new methods for mapping species-relevant microclimates and highly connected lands in order to identify places where species are most likely to persist. A committee of 58 scientists from around the region reviewed and guided the project. Explore the results below, download the data, read the report, or peruse background papers. This project was supported by a grant from the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation.


​ ​                                                  ​Latest Report
​ ​ ​

​​Resilient Sites for Terrestrial Conservation in Eastern North America 2016 Edition

This report updates the resilience analysis for the eastern North America with improved and unified methods.  Sites are identified across all geophysical settings that have land characteristics (landscape diversity and local connectedness) that increase resilience to climate change.

​Download report​​         ​Download        basic data​
For additional data products contact us here.


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Resilience Resources

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