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Camp is situated at the northern bank dam reservoir Rozkoš near international road E67. Offers accommodation ( cottages, dormitory, bungalow, place for tents and caravans ) in the area Česká Skalice – Ratibořice – Babičino údolí. Surroundings ATC will you use for bathing, fishing, windsurfing, tourism, bicykle tourism (Náchod, Adršpašské skály, Orlické hory). Perfect for family recreation, school trips or associated meeting.

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54941 Červený Kostelec
GPS: 50.4651073805556   16.1005760277778
tel: +420 777 633 193

The camping-site is open: 02.04.-31.11.

Camping Brodský is located in the middle of Czech tourist paradise. Beautiful nature, castles, monasteries, castle ruins, military forts, rock cities and safari zoo: This all can be found in the surroundings. The campsite is located on the banks of the Brodský pond. There is a unique gallery of large wooden sculptures from fantasy land in the campsite. In August, the Wasserman (vodyanoy) Festival takes place here. You can enjoy fishing in the pond, and there are many routes for cycling in the area; you can ride horses, fly in a plane or hot-air balloon here. The campsite is suited to quiet and relaxing family stays where everyone finds their own method of relaxation.

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The campsite is situated in the village Šonov in Broumov bowl. Accommodation is available at the apartment, rooms, own tents or caravans. There is a canteen and bar In the campsite is a children's pool and playground for basketball and volleyball.
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