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Buzzword Strategy Generator: Are You Developing Meaningful Strategies?

Is it solid strategy, or just buzzwords? Find out with our interactive strategy buzzword generator.

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Boards can counter the risks that stem from executive bias by following three key steps.

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How to Launch Products in Uncertain Markets

Before your next large-scale product launch, try leveraging uncertainty for competitive advantage.

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Each month, the MIT SMR Strategy Forum poses a single question to our panel of experts in the fields of business, economics, and management. This month’s question asks our panel to offer opinions on who suffers most in a trade war — businesses or consumers — and why.

Planning Transformation

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The End of Scale

New technology-driven business models are undercutting the traditional advantages of economies of scale.

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Strategy for Digital Business

Why Companies Need a New Playbook to Succeed in the Digital Age

In the digital world, companies need to become a destination for customers. The key is using digital as differentiation and offering customers something compelling. This requires a new playbook for how to do business as well as new ways of engaging customers. The trend is for individual and business customers to prefer just one or two powerful ecosystems in each industry, raising the stakes for leaders to better understand their options and clarify their own game plans.


The Value of Your Customer's Experience

Why Customer Experience Is Key for Loyalty Programs

July 2, 2018 | Jess Huang, Phyllis Rothschild, and Jamie Wilkie

Loyalty programs provide great value for companies by driving higher sales and boosting brand affinity. However, companies employing traditional “earn-and-burn” rewards programs for customers may miss out on long-term benefits. Tailoring programs to offer great customer experience is key — and when companies implement both types of benefits into their programs, they’re more likely to beat out competitors and build brand loyalty.

The Strategic Agility Project

The Strategic Agility series from MIT Sloan Management Review draws on evidence and data analytics to answer a fundamental question: How can organizations achieve their strategic objectives? The series features the research of MIT Sloan School of Management’s Donald Sull and his team of researchers and data scientists. It draws on, among other sources, over 4 million Glassdoor employee reviews that provide insight on organizational culture and management practices of a large sample of important organizations.

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Get Ready for AI

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Improving Strategic Execution With Machine Learning

Businesses are redefining how they create value, says Victoria's Pink Swimsuit Secret Boutique Top MIT SMR’s 2018 Strategic Measurement study.

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What’s Your Cognitive Strategy?

Frontiers |

While executives agree that cognitive technologies are a disruptive force, few companies have a strategy to address them.

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Global Competition With AI in Business: How China Differs

AI’s largest and most enduring contributions will be in non-technology sectors, and many of them will come from China.

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In the wake of the #MeToo and #TimesUp social movements — not to mention the continuing wave of resignations amid misconduct allegations — sexual harassment policies must be on your board’s agenda. This is true regardless of whether the organization is public, private, or nonprofit. For the sake of all its stakeholders, employees, and customers, directors need to do the right thing — and do it now.

The 2018 MIT SMR Strategic Measurement Report

Leading With Next-Generation Key Performance Indicators

June 26, 2018 | Michael Schrage and David Kiron

MIT Sloan Management Review and Google’s new cross-industry survey about key performance indicators (KPIs) asked senior executives to explain how they and their organizations are using KPIs in the digital era. The results shed light on the challenges and emerging opportunities companies face when using KPIs, demonstrate the many ways advanced use of KPIs can benefit organizations, and offer steps executives can take to make the most of KPIs going forward.